Domo’s Fuji Frost Fanta Apple Slurpee Hungry. I stop in 7-Eleven and…
Nov 132009

I was hungry – I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I couldn’t wait for lunch. Oooh, here’s a 7-Eleven. I had every intention of grabbing a steak taquito to tide me over. Wait, what’s this? Hot Pizza? In a 7-Eleven? Looks pretty good, too. Well, I have try it – the taquito will have to wait for another day. I grab a slice of pepperoni – hmmm, not too bad. Crust is decent, with an OK flavor – no worse than a pizza from Little Caesars. Late night…a long drive…starving…yeah, a slice of pizza would do the trick.

Oh, thank heaven for 7-Eleven.

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