C’mon, admit it. You know you have, and you do it more than you think. We all do it – we drop into our local 7-Eleven convenience store and grab something to eat or drink. Sometimes several times a week, even several times a day. All day, all night. When the craving strikes, we know 7-Eleven is there, waiting for us. 7-Eleven is the great equalizer – rich, poor, young, old, straight, gay, black, white – if you’re hungry or thirsty, 7-Eleven beckons. Thank heaven for that.

Oh, Thank Heaven is a celebration of the food of 7-Eleven. What? You Say? Slurpees, Big Gulps, Slim Jims, and Twinkies? What’s to celebrate? Well, you haven’t been looking as you dash in to grab a pack of smokes and chewing gum. We’re talking a full blown purveyor of fresh, quick serve foodstuff: sandwiches, pastries, salads, sushi, chicken wings, pizza. You name it, 7-Eleven offers up something for any craving. And it ain’t half bad. Really.

And that’s just in the U.S. Elsewhere around the world, 7-Eleven offers some serious eats for – dare we say it? – foodies. Outlets in Hong Kong or Tokyo serve up some serious stuff, catering to local tastes. Just Google “7-Eleven food pictures” and you’ll see what we mean.

Besides, where else can you drop in at anytime of the day or night and grab a Big Gulp, chili dog, Playboy magazine, taquito, toilet paper, iTunes gift card, and pay your electric bill while you fill your gas tank. McDonald’s? No way. Starbucks? Forget it. It’s 7-Eleven, my friends. And you know you love the place.

Oh, thank heaven for 7-Eleven. Indeed.

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