Jul 152010

Two #7Eleven stops in one day! Chef salad package and an Arizona Sweet Tea for lunch. I resisted the hot dogs and taquitos.

Jul 152010

7-Eleven stop: hazelnut coffee, 2 shots of STOK, and a fresh cinnamon roll. #7eleven

Jul 082010

Stopped this morning for cough drops and kleenex. What? No coffee?

Jul 062010

Hazelnut coffee, sugar, 2 shots of Stok, hazelnut creamer, Hostess streusel cake and a pack of Halls cough drops. Fighting a cold…

Jul 052010

Saw Blood Orange Cocoa. Decided to try. Not sure why – it’s 70 dgrees outside. But it was tasty witha hint of orange.

Jul 042010

Hungry. I stop in 7-Eleven and grab a bag of Select BBQ potato chips. Quite tasty…as good a Lays! http://myloc.me/8OS2S